Against the Grain Barber Shop

 Our latest Barber feature comes from the homey Frank Rodriguez aka @kingfrank_. Truly an inspirational story of how one can completely change their life around regardless of the circumstance. Remember friends never forget where you came from,  always give back,  support your community, and be thankful for what you have. 

Frank Rodriguez Against the Grain Barbershop

 What made you pursue a Barber career? 

When I was a teenager I would always cut my cousins and friends hair and enjoyed doing it. I was certified as an adult and sent to State prison at the age of 15 that’s where I began barber school.


What do you Enjoy most about being a Barber? 

One of the things I enjoy most about being a barber is the ability to make someone feel better about themselves and have more confidence.


How did you go about starting you career / Getting your own Shop? 

I initially started my own shop in 2012 after being released from prison, after spending 17 years in prison and multiple felonies I knew that any applications I would put in would just be ignored so I took some jewelry that I had left from before I went to prison and sold it and that’s initially how I started my first shop.

Any Struggles or Setbacks to get were you are that you'd like to discuss?

I’ve had numerous struggles and things to overcome during my career I’ve battled with the opiate addiction and thank God survived an overdose in 2016. I lost my first shop because I had 1 foot in the streets and went back to prison for another 2 1/2 years. There was a time that I was actually living in my shop for about a year sleeping on the floor with an air mattress. Next month will mark two years since I’ve been clean and sober and my career has been blessed.

Anything Else you would like the world to know? 

I speak to a lot of youth about the dangers of drugs and being in the streets. I have started a movement called morals over money in which we travel to the Kensington area of Philadelphia once a month and provide free haircuts clothing hygiene and meals to the homeless, Addicted,Mentally ill and less fortunate. We do free back to School haircuts, and a lot of other charity work in our community. We also went to Puerto Rico a couple weeks after the hurricane and did a lot of volunteer work and also provided haircuts for people that were at displacement shelters.


How can people contact you for your services? 

People can contact myself and the shop at 570-850-0640 and through social media:

Instagram is @KINGFRANK_

Facebook is Frank Rodriguez and Against the Grain Barbershop 


17 Broadway street Milton, Pennsylvania 17847

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