Luxury Barber Capes

Your clients not only prefer but expect the "Luxury" treatment when stepping in the barber chair for your service. Getting a "Hair Cut" isn't quite what it used to be. Pampering services of all sorts have been added to make the typical Cut and Shave service into an entire experience. Comfort, quality , and style define that experience and that exactly what we offer. Here at Illuzien our Barber capes are unrivaled in all three of those aspects. Comfort, unmatched. Quality, unmatched. Style, unmatched. Give your client not only what they want but what they deserve! Shop our Luxury Barber Capes below. 



Livin' Better Now Barber Cape

Our "Livin' Better Now" Barber Cape!


Blurrr Barber Cape

Modern meets traditional when we applied a classic tan plaid pattern to our premium cutting capes! These capes are PERFECT for traditional style shops!

Black Barber “CAPE”

Our new Black "CAPE" is made specifically for today's cape hype beast!

White "CAPE" Barber Cape

Our new White "CAPE" is made specifically for today's cape hype beast!


Illuzien Barber Cape

The Illuzien OW Cape! Our own version of a hype beast favorite!


LIMITED XL Skulls Barber Cape

The vintage Skull & Crossbones mashes up with the barber industry in this extreme oversized, gold foil printed masterpiece!

Slip-On Barber Cape

The Illuzien Slip-On Barber Cape! Checker board design with a white textured bottom. The most comfortable capes get an equally comfortable Slip-On look!

As always all of our Hair Cutting Capes are: 

Light weight & breathable to help keep your customers cool.

Sublimated all-over design that won't crack or fade like screen printed capes.

Bold trim that enhances the design and adds just the right amount of weight to help keep the cutting cape from unwanted movement over your clients.

Extreme Coverage (57"x61") for your clients, to help keep cut hair and hair products off of your clients. 


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