Basic Essential PRO Capes


by Illuzien

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A PREMIUM quality, washable, reusable, and RESELLABLE cutting capes. Available in packs of 6 or 10!

These times call for servicing each client with a fresh cape, and we have you covered with a reusable eco-friendly alternative to any cheap, poor quality, plastic disposable options. ūüöęūüöģ

We've cut the fat from our usual PRO Capes, removing the trim as well as the neck fasteners, to create an affordable PREMIUM cloth option (just 11.99 per cape). Allowing you to service each of your clients with their own cape throughout the day. Providing your clients with an enjoyable experience, while giving your shop a pristine, sanitary look. Simply wash, dry, and start each day FRESH.

Each Basic Essential cape comes individually packaged, creating the perfect opportunity to add revenue by SELLING THEM to your clients!

Our Basic Essential Pro capes are made of the same high quality, water repellent, stretchable, light weight fabric your clients already love. This simplistic version of our high-end PRO Cape features back neck strands that tie together, overlapping each back panel and providing max coverage. Keep you clients clean, comfortable, and most importantly SAFE in a Basic Essential PRO Cape.