CUSTOM Logo Traditional Barber Jacket


by Illuzien

$59.99 $89.99

Represent your brand with a PREMIUM CUSTOM Logo Barber Jacket!

Your logo will be featured on top front pocket, as well as the right sleeve & largely displayed on the back. For reference, your logo will be inserted in the same sizes and locations displayed here in the product images where you see the "Your Logo Here" image.

No additional requests (ie. the addition of names, secondary logos being added, etc.) will be granted on this custom product. This item only allows for customization of the jacket color, as well as uploading 1 logo to be placed in the 3 shown locations. Orders received will be processed with selected color and uploaded logo only. Any additional requests will be disregarded.

Smock sizes are TRUE to size.

If you have any questions, please email PRIOR to placing your order!

The quality of the image you upload is IMPORTANT to the quality of print. Capes are huge. So for a nice crispy print, it is important that the file you upload to the customizer is high resolution.

Please be aware that if the image you upload has a square background and not transparent, we are going to assume this is how you intended it. Unfortunately, we aren't mind readers 😭 and while we do inspect for quality, we can't VERIFY every order that comes in. So if you don't intend for your logo to have a square border around it, please don't upload it with one. 😃

If you have ANY questions, please send them to BEFORE placing your order.

All Custom orders ship within 2 weeks from purchase. There are NO returns or exchanges on Custom Items. Only items found to have manufacturer's defect within 30 days are eligible for an exchange. If you order any other items such as stock capes, smocks or mats, they will be held until your custom capes have completed production and all will be shipped together.