by Illuzien

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Logo file MUST be in high-resolution! Please read all instructions prior to purchase. If you have any questions, please email them to BEFORE placing your order.

Create your own PREMIUM Custom Logo Pattern Cape! Simply upload your logo and select the color you would like for your capes. Choose your neck enclosure and you're all set. On this one we do the work for you.

Your logo will be featured in an oversized step and repeat pattern throughout the background of the cape from edge to edge. Each placement of the logo that creates the brick-style pattern will measure an estimated 17 inches.

If you have any questions, please email PRIOR to placing your order!

The quality of the image you upload is IMPORTANT to the quality of print. Capes are huge. So for a nice crispy print, it is important that the file you upload to the customizer is high resolution.

Please be aware that if the image you upload has a square background and not transparent, we are going to assume this is how you intended it. Unfortunately, we aren't mind readers 😭 and while we do inspect for quality, we can't VERIFY every order that comes in. So if you don't intend for your logo to have a square border around it, please don't upload it with one. 😃

If you have ANY questions, please send them to BEFORE placing your order.

All Custom Cape orders ship within 2 weeks from purchase. There are NO returns or exchanges on Custom Capes. Only items found to have manufacturer's defect within 30 days are eligible for an exchange. If you order any other items such as stock capes, smocks or mats, they will be held until your custom capes have completed production and all will be shipped together.

PRO CAPES: TWICE the back coverage as our standard capes. Extended Neck Coverage to accommodate both large and small neck sizes. Brighter, more vibrant colors.

Light weight & breathable to help keep your customers cool.

Sublimated all-over design that won't crack or fade like screen printed capes.

Bold trim that enhances the design and adds just the right amount of weight to help keep the cutting cape from unwanted movement over your clients.

Extreme Coverage (59"x68") for your clients, to help keep cut hair and hair products off of your clients.