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This weeks Barber Feature is Throne Barbershop out of Toronto, Ontario. Big shout out to the Throne for their continued support of the Illuzien brand. As you'll be able to tell  from the post below, Throne Barbershop is the Real Deal Holyfield. This spot truly has a professional brand! For all you up and coming Barbers... Watch and Learn......


 Throne Barbershop was first established in 2013 officially by Brian Lat, Joshua Diamante, & Christian Reventar. We had a common goal of growth to explore new challenges, new horizons, new experiences using our skills. We wanted to build something people can rely on when it came to grooming services. We wanted to share our skills with everyone. 

Throne Barbershop

2 weeks after we opened our first location, Christian Reventar passed away on Victoria Day weekend during a boating accident. We were 3 barbers now turned into 2. This was a very difficult time for us. Christian Reventar is one of our major motivators to pushing Throne to its limit. Throne is about commitment, it is what holds us together. After Christians passing, it was a reality check. "You can achieve your dreams before you die" - We've witnessed and are a part of it. 


Almost 4 years now since we first opened Throne Barbershop, and we have now become part of Toronto's culture. We get visits from all walks of life, different cities, different countries. Today we see Throne as "The People's Shop." We couldn't have done it without the help of our passionate & talented staff who are committed to giving back the craft to the people. I am very proud of what we have accomplished thus far, but I believe that there is a lot more we can offer to our city.

Throne Barbershop/ illuzien Barber Cape

The Crown of Confidence is our signature slogan for the grooming services we offer to the city of Toronto. We are here to enhance one’s appearance; transforming our clients into men of distinction. It is within us all. We wear our crown through life with confidence from within, that who we are and who we've always been is more than enough. It is confidence born of awareness that nothing can ever change ourselves unless we let it. Sometimes failure directs us to a different path, a better path, and it is our confidence that helps us overcome the situations. But we sometimes fail to recognize that true progress is created by failure. Now the best way to reveal your Crown of Confidence is by heading to Throne Barbershop, and getting your crown fixed.

Throne Barbershop/ illuzien Hair Cutting Cape 

Throne Barbershop is located at 399 Yonge Street Unit 2 Toronto, ON, M5B 1S9. You can contact them by phone at 647-748-4425 or book your appointment online. Don't forget to check them out on all their social media outlets and give them a follow and a like if you know what's good for you.  





illuzien barber cape

You can purchase any of the dope capes featured above here or via the links below. 

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throne barbershop featuring illuzien hair cutting capes

Huge Thanks to Andrew for all his help putting this together!!!


Check out Throne Barbershop's dope commercial below and watch how professionals operate. 


Throne Barbershop Commercial from Andrew Faigal on Vimeo.


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