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Barber Capes

 Illuzien... The freshest barber capes in the game!

illuzien barber capes

Revolutionary Barber Cape Designs & Material separate what we're doing here from any of the competition. Super sharp all-over sublimated printing on the most durable, flexible, water repellent material in the business. Revamp your shop and get your customers talking with our brand new Premium Hair Cutting Capes! 

barber capes

Here at Illuzien.com we specialize in barber capes featuring the hottest and latest trends and design styles...

Barber Feature: Throne Barbershop


This weeks Barber Feature is Throne Barbershop out of Toronto, Ontario. Big shout out to the Throne for their continued support of the Illuzien brand. As you'll be able to tell  from the post below, Throne Barbershop is the Real Deal Holyfield. This spot truly has a professional brand! For all you up and coming Barbers... Watch and Learn......

Throne Barber...</p>

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Barber Feature: Truly Blessed Barbershop

You wanna talk about some dope cuts?..?..?.?.?.? The homey Chico Rob the Barber is killing the game! Seen below one of his clients is looking mighty fresh and is draped in our Volt Rose Hair Cutting Cape

illuzien hair cutting barber cape

This weeks Barber Feature is coming to you straight from Truly Blessed Barbershop featuring Chico Rob the Barber out of Abilene,...

Supreme andis Clipper Giveaway!!!

Supreme andis Clipper Giveaway

Within in the next week we will be giving away a Supreme andis cordless envy adjustable blade clipper. We are still currently working on the details on the giveaway so stay tuned to illuzien.com  and make sure you have notifications turned on for our Instagram page for the latest details on this giveaway!!!


*Don't forget we are now excepting entries for Barber Features on our website. Get some extra free promotion for yourself or your barber shop with...

Barber Feature: Flawless Cutz Barber Shop

Due to the interest we received after the first Barber Feature we decided to make this a weekly feature opposed to a monthly one. Thank you all for your feed back. 

Illuzien Hari Cutting Cape

This weeks feature is the extremely talented Chris Boos  Master barber and Artist at Flawless Cutz Barber Shop. One of Chris's Clients is seen above rocking the Barber Camo Hair Cutting Cape. Looking mighty fresh at...