Best Barber Capes on the Market


Best Barber Capes EVER!

Looking for the best barber capes on the market? Of course you are. You're a nasty barber with all the talent but have some drab barber capes. Well look no further. Here at we specialize in barber capes featuring the hottest and latest trends and design styles for the barber community. You won't find our type of barber cape designs anywhere else on the market. Custom Designed by the Goat himself. 

Are you a sneakerhead or avid sneaker collector? A hip hop aficionado? Up on the latest styles of gear and wear? flossin like a mofo everywhere you go? You need to bring that same clout to your barber chair. 



best barber capes


All of our capes are made of the highest quality features include:

Light weight & breathable to help keep your customers cool.

Sublimated all-over design that won't crack or fade like screen printed capes.

High-grade, durable neck snaps make the cape easy to both place & remove from around your client.

Bold trim that enhances the design and adds just the right amount of weight to help keep the cutting cape from unwanted movement over your clients.

Extreme Coverage (57"x61") for your clients, to help keep cut hair and hair products off of your clients.

 Shop today and turn your shop into not just any barber shop but  THE Barber Shop. 

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