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Welcome to the World of Illuzien! 😎  Home to a new movement of Barber Supplies. We offer only the highest in Quality, Design, and Performance. 💯 We supply the industries top professionals with our top of the line Barber Capes, Station Mats, Business Cards, Shop towels, and other barber industry specific accessories

Camo Barber Capes

Barber Capes

Revolutionary Barber Cape Designs & Material separate what we're doing here from any of the competition. Super sharp all-over sublimated printing on the most durable, flexible, water repellent material in the business. Our capes feature the hottest and latest trends and design styles for the barber community. You won't find our type of barber cape designs anywhere else on the market. 

Sports Barber Capes

Barber Business Cards

Our exclusive Barber Business Cards come in the hottest designs available on the market today!!! The fresh urban inspired barber business card designs will help to get you in front of the right and ideal clientele. Networking and marketing your barber shop and business has never been easier or more cost effective. With 50 plus 🔥 designs to choose from, you're guaranteed to find a design to fit your style and profile.  


We are the #1 Source for Barber Business Cards & Promotional Flyers! Were we're constantly slicing pricing on the HOTTEST 🔥 promotional material in the industry. You only get one chance for a first impression, so make your impression felt. 

barber business cards

Barber Shop Towels

The Illuzien Shop Towel Collection features designs synonymous with our top of the line Barber Capes. Get the towel to match your favorite hair cutting cape or mix it up for a fresh look. Our barber shop towel feature unrivaled quality and design not unlike the rest of the offers here at Illuzien. 

barber shop towels

Barber Pins 

Add DRIP to any smock, apron, hat etc. INSTANTLY with any of our dope barber pins! Enough Said 💯

Barber Pins

Barber Station Mats 

The Double-Edge Barber Station Mat adds style and extreme protection to your station & your tools! This durable PVC mat provides a heat resistant, high friction barrier between your valuable tools and your barber station's hard surface. Featuring a high-grip surface that will keep your tools in place, and allow for proper drainage!

Barber Station Mats

We are diligently working to continue to proved the Barber and Hair Stylist industry with top of the line products and supplies. Feel free to drop us a line in the comments letting us know what type of barber supplies you would like us to bring to market next.  🙏💯

If it ain't illuzien it ain't worth using. Quality and Style are everything.  

Barber Cutting Capes

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