The BEST Barber Station Mat EVER!

The Double-Edge Station Mat from Illuzien is the BEST, HOTTEST barber station mat in the game. Just like our Premium Hair Cutting Capes we spared no expense when it came to creating a game changing station mat. Not only is the Double-Edge Mat top notch quality and functional, it has a unique design rivaled by NONE.

Barber Station Mat

The mat is just under 19” wide & 9” tall. The perfect size to give protection to the tools that need it, and leaving room on your station for the tools that don’t! The ability for hair/oils to drain is a key feature for any station mat! Stay tuned to our Instagram page for updates on all drops. Once these drop they don't last long!


If it ain't illuzien it ain't worth using. Quality and Style are everything. 


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