Barber Capes for Sports Fanatics

Are you a fan, or fanatic, sometimes also termed aficionado or supporter, a person who is enthusiastically devoted to a sports team? Well Lucky for you Illuzien has produced Barber Capes for the Sports fanatic in you. Same quality, comfort and style you'd expect with the Hottest sports related designs in the industry!!!

Barber Sports Capes

The sports fanatic comes in all shapes, sizes, and locations. If you're a barber or hairstylist who cancels all plans during game day, will not be caught dead in the rival team’s jersey, if your mood alters with the fortune of your favorite team/athlete, then congratulations, you are a sports fanatic and we have just what you need!!!!


Check out some of our Exclusive Sports inspired Hair Cutting Capes below: 




ZzzEKE! Barber Cape 

Keep FEEDING that man! The ZzzEKE! Barber Cape! Only for Dallas' BIGGEST fans!

AB84 Barber Cape

A Steel City THROWBACK for today's 🐐 WR! #CallGod The AB84 Barber Cape!

The Process Barber Cape

The Process Barber Cape. A celebration of Philly Basketball! 

BirdGang Barber Cape

The Birdgang Barber Cape. Paying homage to the Philly Special and the city of Botherly Love's first Chip!

Clover Barber Cape

Whether you have the luck of the Irish or you're just a HUGE fan of the basketball team up there in Boston... This capes lets your clients KNOW! 

Your squad not available yet? Drop us a comment on our Instagram Page  and let us know what squad you want us to drop next!!!!!


As always all our Hair Cutting Capes are: 

Light weight & breathable to help keep your customers cool.

Sublimated all-over design that won't crack or fade like screen printed capes.

Bold trim that enhances the design and adds just the right amount of weight to help keep the cutting cape from unwanted movement over your clients.

Extreme Coverage (57"x61") for your clients, to help keep cut hair and hair products off of your clients. 


These all run in limited quantities so make sure you scoop yours TODAY!!!!


 If it ain't illuzien it ain't worth using. Quality and Style are everything.  

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